"I don’t have a fear of commitment. I have a fear of abandonment. We all screw things up. I screw things up, especially with people I love. I get needy, I get moody, I get distant, I want to be close, I get confused. I don’t understand all of it, but I keep pushing because I hope this thing, this universe, there’s no way that I’m the only person out there who wants something this bad, if I want it, someone else out there must too."

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White folks would have a field day




White folks would have a field day

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"Is it selfish to say I want you the whole fucking time? I want you in my head. I want you in my bed. I want your hands all over my thighs. Give me your tightest grip. I want to exhale all of my loneliness and sadness to you. I want to breathe you in. I want you. I want you and I know this sounds pathetic but I want you to want me too."

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vagina’s are able to stretch wide enough to give birth to a fucking baby and then return to it’s original size but of course being penetrated by that grass blade you call a penis is what’s going to make it “loose”

I once pointed this out to some boys and they said I didn’t understand how vaginas worked.


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Thank you Daria.


Thank you Daria.

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"I can’t stand it to think my life is going so fast and I’m not really living it."

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"I think too much. I think ahead. I think behind. I think sideways. I think it all. If it exists, I’ve fucking thought of it."

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im so fucked up over the fact that some countries have free college

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Angelica is just too damn accurate.

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"If nothing else, one day you can look someone straight in the eyes and say, “But I lived through it. And it made me who I am today."

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